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Founded in 1957, the Oz Club and its members are a great resource for researchers. Their main publication, The Baum Bugle, is published three times a year and is invaluable to fans and scholars of L. Frank Baum and the Land of Oz.

Each summer fans of every aspect of Oz gather together on the west coast of the USA to meet each other, talk about the Oz phenomenon in all its forms, and trade and sell new and vintage Oz books and merchandise. Whether you loved the Oz books as a child or first encountered them as an adult, whether you’re a fan of the 1939 MGM Wizard of Oz, loved Wicked  as either a book or stage show, or returned to Oz through the recent movie Oz the Great and Powerful, you’re the kind of person who belongs at the Oz Con International.

People of all ages, all backgrounds, and from all over the world attend OzCon. We'd love to meet YOU and learn about your interest in the marvelous Land of Oz!


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