Virtual OzCon: Halloween Edition Schedule
Saturday, October 24th Live Virtual Event 6pm – 10pm PDT

Join us in our 56th year for our first ever holiday-themed Oz evening -- live online!

What better way to enjoy a spooktacular Halloween than dressing up in your spookiest Oz character costume for the Live OzConnection Zoom call, and talking about Oz with your Oz buddies?

Before our live event starts at 6pm, we are posting a handful of Oz videos on the OzConnection, OZCon’s official YouTube channel. Make sure you like and subscribe to kept up to date with future Oz content.

Pre-Live Oz themed prerecorded presentations and discussions:

All times are Pacific time:

4pm "Return to Oz," Baum, and how we handle the scary stuff
Some critics have denounced Disney’s "Return to Oz" as a horror film that has scarred its child viewers, but many of the oft-criticized scenes are true to Baum’s original texts. Did Baum forget his aspirations to create a fairy tale in which “the heart-aches and nightmares are left out?” Do the film’s visual depictions and blending of two of Baum’s novels change the tale? Or did Baum’s unique blend of horror and humour make the scary moments palatable and family friendly? Dina Schiff Massachi will discuss Baum’s Oz novels and “Return to Oz” as she explores these questions.

5PM The Scarecrow Sessions: Colin Ayres reviews Kiki Ebsen's Oz-Connected album.
The Scarecrow Sessions is a collection of jazz standards taken from her father’s early movies and musical productions. Song selections include “If I Only Had a Brain,” “Over the Rainbow,” “Laura,” and “Easy to Love.” The booklet includes some of Kiki’s personal notes about her father's career, such as the true story behind his involvement in The Wizard of Oz. (Buddy was originally cast as the Scarecrow, hence the name of the record.)
Kiki offers 25% off her online store with offer code OZCON2020

5.30pm Meet Mombi!
Colin Ayres talks with Eric Shanower, Erica Olivera, and Sam Milazzo, who give their thoughts on Oz's other most troublesome witch, Mombi, in her various forms.

The Live Events run continuously from 6pm to 10pm on Zoom. To access the Zoom link, you must be registered for free.

6PM Welcome to Virtual Halloween OzCon – Zoom (Live with Q&A)

Host Colin Ayres welcomes you to OzCon Halloween Edition 2020. Show off your Oz-related Halloween costume, decorations and pumpkins to everyone

6.20pm Oz Halloween Open Group discussion! – Zoom
We discuss everything in Oz that is odd, icky, and downright sinister! We’ll be discussing horrifying human bodiless heads, petrified people, devastating dismemberment, morbid melting, ominous ornaments and meddlesome Mombi.

7PM Return to Oz at 35: A true vision of Baum’s Oz or a dark dystopia? -  Zoom Panel.
Join Ozcon Panellists Eric Shanower, Mikey Dee, David the La Quadling and Mari Ness moderated by Colin Ayres, as they discuss "Return to Oz." Is the film a Baum purist vision or is it really far darker than Baum’s books ever were? Ready your questions for the panel after their discussion.

8PM Kiki Ebsen Sings! Live Zoom Performance - Zoom
Live from her studio, the versatile entertainer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kiki Ebsen, daughter of Buddy Ebsen, performs elements of her show To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen. Kiki's dad was a well-known performer who was originally cast as the Scarecrow and Tin Man in MGM’s Wizard of Oz.

9PM Oz Halloween theme Quiz - Zoom
Erica Olivera is quiz master for an Ozzy Halloween-themed Quiz to be played live together on Zoom and again using Kahoot, so that you can all join in the fun

9.30PM Oz Pumpkin Heads and Pearls - Zoom
Final open group discussion on Pumpkin themes in Oz, with Jack the living Jack’o lantern and the less well-known W.W. Denslow illustrated book, "The Pearl and Pumpkin."

10pm Closing statements and Online After-Party – Zoom (Live interactive)
Join us for a drink at the OzCon after-party. (Bring your own drink!) Let’s kick back and chat about Oz online together to finish the evening.