Getting personal with Ruth Plumly Thompson

Peter Hanff has in recent months been working with longtime Oz Club member, Glenn Ingersoll, on the Ruth Plumly Thompson archive of her personal papers. These were donated to the Oz Club years ago by Bruce and Gail Crockett, but have never been systematically reviewed or organized. Peter will give us a brief, illustrated presentation that identifies some of the highlights that have turned up in the collection.

Eric Shanower and David Maxine both worked with Rachel Cosgrove Payes and Eloise Jarvis McGraw on publishing their later Oz stories and are going to be sharing some of their experiences with two of the Royal Historians. Their interviews are not online and will not be posted afterwards, so your only chance to see it will be at OzCon!

Who hasn't wanted to have their own adventure in Oz? With the advent of video games, it was only a matter of time before the Land of Oz was made explorable in a virtual adventure.

Jay Davis has researched many of the video game adaptations and will be bringing up some highlights. In addition, Colin Ayres will highlight the new Oz-inspired Dizzy adventure.

Aron Toman is the writer, director, sound designer and voice of the Scarecrow for his podcast The Chronicles of Oz,, adapting the Oz series into a new continuity inspired by the television series The West Wing and presenting many loving Easter Eggs to other versions of Oz. He'll be talking about his series and its production. And maybe lead a song or two...

Booking Buffalo Bill: the Rise and Fall of Baum’s Opera House 

What really happened in Baum’s Opera House at Richburg, New York, in 1882? For decades, historians have made extravagant claims for what L. Frank Baum did there. Come listen as Eric Shanower cuts through the mythology to reveal the fascinating real story.

Featured Programming

David Maxine will be presenting a visual tour of the 1903 Broadway production of The Wizard of Oz as captured by the camera of the incredible theater photographer Joseph Byron..

Atticus Gannaway may be the only person who has been to the final resting places of all the Royal Historians and Illustrators of Oz. Join him on a trip across the continental United States, from New York to Oregon, as he visits their gravesites and explores what it means to honor the memories of the people who created the official Oz series.