Jeweler Dea Shelton of Blackberry Designs ( created this entrancing Emerald City-themed charm bracelet, along with other Ozzy jewelry that will be featured at OzCon’s consignment table. Dea loves going beyond MGM in search of images and makes magic with Denslow and Neill!

Nat L. Ewert of Dreamtrappings ( is another jeweler who has drawn inspiration from Oz images far beyond the usual MGM, such as this lovely Tik-Tok. Look for more of Natalie’s work at OzCon’s consignment table!

Oz collectors love books from the antique to  the newly printed, from L. Frank Baum to Gregory Maguire, from biographies to graphic novels. They’re also crazy about movie memorabilia, toys and dolls, board games and computer games, Oz-related handcrafts and clothing – just about anything Ozzy

OzCon 2017 will be open for business at the Portland Sheraton Airport Hotel from June 30 to July 2. For details and a dealers room application, Please write to our Dealers Room manager, Paul, at

OzCon regulars will welcome our own Cindy Ragni ( back to the Dealers Room, with Wonderful Books of Oz.

OzCon Dealers Room



Jeweler Sarah Collins ( will brighten OzCon’s consignment table with this wonderful image from the 1902 Wizard of Oz extravaganza, a unique and treasurable bit of Oz history – and there will be more where that came from!

Karyl Carlson ( will bring her doll-making genius to OzCon this year, with handmade dolls based on both John R. Neill and MGM character designs. Which Ozzy characters would you most like to see?

Ozian artist extraordinaire Vincent Myrandreturns to OzCon’s Dealers Room with a dazzling selection of paintings based on MGM’sWizard of Oz, Disney’s Return to Oz, and so much more!