OzCon Dealers Room

OzCon invites sales of books, art, collectibles and other memorabilia for attendees to bring home a little bit of magic. Our designated area for dealers is titled "Baum's Bazaar" after the mercantile operated by Oz creator L. Frank Baum.


Vintage Wizard of Oz books, first editions, paper and unusual Oz and Roycroft collectibles. With works by L Frank Baum, John R Neill, and W W Denslow, plus original Roycrofter books and children’s books. My goal is to provide Oziana at reasonable prices and provide you with superior customer service. See my New Listings, or browse using the category links to the right–and don’t forget bargains in the Sale category! Visit my website!

Enjoy 10% off any order of $40 or more with coupon code ozcon2024 until the end of 2024

If you would like to offer your wares at OzCon, e-mail ozcondealers@gmail.com

Rates are $65 for a table or $130 for a booth
In addition, an OzCon membership is required at a discounted rate for vendors with a maximum of two.

Full details are available on request.

Deadline to join the dealer's room is June 30, 2024!

Are you trying to sell a collection of Oz memorabilia? Do you sell rare books? Do you have a new book Oz fans will love? Do you create Oz artwork? Sell your art at OzCon International!

Oz collectors love books from the antique to  the newly printed, from L. Frank Baum to Gregory Maguire, from biographies to graphic novels. They’re also crazy about movie memorabilia, toys and dolls, board games and computer games, Oz-related handcrafts and clothing – just about anything Ozzy!

Separate registration required. Click here for a pdf form to email or mail in.